Kraljevica is a town and a port in the Vino-dol Channel, at the entrance in to the Gulf of Bakar. The main tourist centre is on the peninsula Ostro, the centre of tourism in Kraljevica, the first public beach was built back in 1896.

Hotel Uvala Scott, situated in the romantic cove Dubno, Hotel Almis, a sanatorium for treatment of allergic diseases, and the tourist resort Ostro are particularly attractive. Kraljevice are on of the youngest town on the Croatia coast. It was built in 16th century aboard naturally harbour, but the development started in 17th century when harbour and the route’s connection with Caroling’s route were built. The building of three floors with tract and 2 outsides yards (Stari Grad) were built above the harbour was built in the first half of 17th century. The bastioned Novi Grad, located by the bay’s enter were built in 1650 The monument of casualties from second war is on the main square.